Light Language with Nicol Jackson


Since everything is energy,  then ultimately healing requires energy.  Many healing methods and modalities support the physcial, emotional and or mental 'states' of life but miss the underlying cause or root of the dis-ease (or condition, ailment),  Energy 'Healing' works with the all the layers of your being, encouraging your body to make use of it's own natural healing abilites.  By opening up to the natural flow of energy within and around you, clearing what no longer serves you (blockages) and detoxifying you to a greater state of being.  I say you, because as I facilitate the process it is you who ultimately does the 'work'!     

In 2013 after I learned while pregnant with our fourth baby that he was 'incompatable with life' and diagnosed with a genetic disorder that had a low survival rate.  During this time of complete surrender and trust in the higher powers that be as I prayed for my baby...I realized I was starting to 'channel' Light Language.  Light Language can be defined as sounds, symbols and motions , containing high vibrations of frequency from higher dimensions that began to persoanlly attune, activate and have different and unique effects on my whole being.  I was guided to start sharing this in healing and meditation groups as well as personal sessions that this 'language of the soul', of divine source and uncondtional love was having an effect on others!  A language that drove me to the awakening of true self and deep soul remembrance....and to acknowledging my true divinity and soul purpose. 

 A step further...

With over 16 years of experience with energy healing, I have integrated a variety of tools and techniques which I bring to my practice and sessions.  With an ultimate connection to Source (spirit, god, divine, etc.) I am able to intuitively connect with you on all layers and faciliate an energy session that is multidimentional and in line with your highest and greatest self.   A 'typical' energy session involves intention, facilitation, movement and release of that which no longer serves you; then filling you up with goodness of Universal Source Energy.  Raising your personal vibration and contribution to the whole!